WaveDriver 200 with Spectroelectrochemistry


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This instrument bundle includes our EIS-capable WaveDriver 200 bipotentiostat, a UV/Visible spectrometer system, and our Honeycomb Spectroelectrochemical Cell kit. The system offers a fast and easy approach to acquiring spectroelectrochemical research results. This complete system includes the following principle components:

  • WaveDriver 200 EIS Bipotentiostat/Galvanostat System
  • Honeycomb Spectroelectrochemical Cell Kit
  • AvaSpec-UL S2048 UV/Vis Spectrometer (CCD array, 2048 pixels, 200 - 1100 nm range)
  • AvaLight UV/Vis/NIR Light Source (dual lamp light source, deuterium and halogen, provides light between 200 and 2500 nm at a convenient front panel SMA connector)

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Full Spectroelectrochemistry Bundle

WaveDriver 200 EIS Biotentiostat with Spectroelectrochemistry
Full system includes WaveDriver 200 potentiostat, Avantes spectrometer, and Honeycomb spectroelectrochemical cell

Spectrometer System (included in bundle)

AvaSpex-UL S2048 Fiber-Optic Spectrometer
2048 pixel CCD array, 200-1100 nm range

USB powered.


Fiber Optic Cuvette Holder 
SMA connector for incident and emited light through cuvette. Cuvette holder is compatible with Honeycomb Cell Kit Cuvette


AvaLight UV/Vis/NIR Light Source
Dual lamp light source, deuterium and halogen, provides light between 200 and 2500 nm at a convenient front panel SMA connector

Power supply sold separately.


AC Power Supply 
Used for light source

UV/Vis Spectrometer is USB powered.


Fiber-Optic Cables
Includes two 600 nm cables, suitable for UV/Vis/NIR 250 to 2500 nm.  Each cable is 2 m long with SMA-905 connector


Integration Cable
Connects WaveDriver 200, UV/Vis spectrometer, and light source together

EIS Bipotentiostat System (included in bundle)

WaveDriver 200 Integrated Bipotentiostat/Galvanostat with EIS
includes power adapter, USB cable, and dummy/calibration cell

power cord sold separately


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WaveDriver 200 Cell Cable Kit
7-lead, includes alligator clips

Honeycomb cell kit and additional accessories included in bundle are listed below

WaveDriver mini-USB cell cable
with reference electrode breakout

Connects potentiostat to spectroelectrochemical cell


Spectroelectrochemical Cell Kit
Includes cuvette with cap, one Pt honeycomb electrode, two Au honeycomb electrodes, and gel-based Ag/AgCl reference electrode


Low-Profile Silver-Wire Pseudo-Reference electrode
60 mm long reference electrode, PTFE capped Ag wire electrode (19 mm long wire), 3.4 mm OD ceramic-fritted glass tube (52 mm long), and O-ring

All specifications are subject to change without notice.
Spectroscopy Specifications

Avantes AvaSpec ULS2048 UV/Vis Spectrometer

Click here for UV/Vis spectrometer specifications

AvaLight-DHc Full-range Compact Light Source

Click here for UV/Vis light source specifications

Fiber Optic Cables

Click here for fiber optic cable specifications

Cuvette Holder

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Potentiostat Specifications


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Honeycomb Spectroelectrochemical Cell Kit

Honeycomb Spectroelectrochemical Cell Kit

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Document #Title
Integrated Spectroelectrochemical System


Spectroelectrochemical Cell User Guide


Spectroelectrochemistry Brochure
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