EChem in a Box


Custom Box for EChem in a BoxSometimes you need to think inside the box.

You spoke and we listened.  Teaching experimental electrochemistry can be a daunting challenge unless your faculty has a member who has had hands-on experience with electrochemical methods.  Despite the modern significance of electrochemistry, it may not be taught beyond simple balancing of redox reactions in general chemistry.  We have been approached by countless faculty seeking guidance on how to effectively teach experimental electrochemistry.  Educators have asked us for pedagogical wisdom, practical and timely applications, cost-effective instrumentation, and accessibility to electrochemistry for many years. We believe that educators with sufficient chemistry and/or engineering backgrounds will find our compilation, called EChem in a Box, an answer to the question, "How do I integrate experimental electrochemistry into our curriculum when we do not have any electrochemists available?"  EChem in a Box is the solution.

EChem in a Box is sold as a bundle - see link below for details.  In addition, to accommodate different course sizes and arrangements, additional packs are available to match your specific laboratory setup.  If you are not able to use a combination of EChem in a Box Standard Bundle plus appropriate Optional Packs, please contact us and we can help find a suitable arrangement.