Personal computers running one of the various versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system may or may not also have the Microsoft Windows .NET platform installed on the system.

What is .NET?

The .NET platform provides software developers with a set of tools for developing software applications with a rich graphical user interface. This platform has evolved over the course of many years and many versions of the Windows operating system. More detailed information about the .NET platform can be found at the following links:

As of August 2016, the most recent version of the .NET platform was version 4.6.2. Click here for a more complete list of the .NET version history.

How Can I Get the Latest Version of .NET?

The easiest way to obtain the latest version of .NET is to use the Windows Update utility. This utility makes contact with Microsoft's web servers (via the Internet) and obtains the most recent versions of many different operating system components, including the .NET platform.

Which Version of .NET is on My System?

There are several ways to determine which .NET version (if any) is present on your computer.

Control Panel

If you open the Add/Remove Programs applet on your system's Control Panel, then you can see which version(s) of .NET are presently installed on your system (see figure below).


Windows Folder

If you browse your computer's hard drive and look in the folder shown below, you can see which versions of the .NET platform are installed on your system. The various subfolders with names that begin with the letter “v” indicate which versions are present on your system.