• Your rotating disk electrode (RDE) is a precision research tool that has been carefully machined and tested. It is guaranteed to be leak-free at the time of shipment.
  • Your electrode was leak tested at ambient temperature and should not be used at elevated temperatures. The electrode should only be used at temperatures from  10^{\circ}C (50^{\circ}F) to 25^{\circ}C (77^{\circ}F ). Higher temperatures may create a leak between the shroud and the electrode material.
  • After using the electrode, clean it and replace the protective cover to prevent the electrode surface from being scratched.
  • Rotating electrodes must be mounted securely in the rotator. While mounting, do not apply excessive force to the PTFE shroud as this may cause the shroud to slip along the shaft of the electrode.
  • Rotating electrodes should be submerged at least  \text{5 mm} ( \text{0.2 in} ) below the surface of the solution.
  • Rotating electrodes should be mounted in such a way that they do not rub against surfaces (such as the inner wall of the cell).



Using an E3 Series RDE Tip with an MSR Rotator

  • Use shaft AFE3M when attaching an E3 Series RDE tip to an MSR rotator.
  • A line drawing showing the AFE3M shaft and an E3 Series RDE tip is provided below. Note that approximate dimensions are given in millimeters.
  • When properly mounted in an MSR rotator, the first  \text{68 mm} of the AFE3M shaft are inserted up inside the rotator. The remaining portion of the shaft extends down below the rotator.
AFE3M Shaft with E3 RDE Tip
 \textbf{Disk Diameter (d):} \linebreak \textbf{Shroud Diameter (s):} \linebreak \textbf{Length of Tip (t):} \linebreak \textbf{Screw Thread Type:} \linebreak \textbf{Overall Length (l):} \linebreak \textbf{Shaft Length (y):} \linebreak \textbf{Upper Shaft Length (x):} \linebreak \textbf{Upper Shaft OD (w):} \linebreak \textbf{Lower Shaft Diameter (v):} \linebreak \textbf{Sheath Length (z):}
 \text{5.0 mm} \linebreak \text{12.0 mm} \linebreak \text{35 mm} \linebreak \text{1/4-28} \linebreak \text{170.2 mm} \linebreak \text{151.9 mm} \linebreak \text{118.6 mm} \linebreak \text{6.35 mm} \linebreak \text{12 mm} \linebreak \text{16.6 mm}