This article is part of the AfterMath Data Organizer User’s Guide

The AfterMath application periodically scans your computer system in search of any supported instruments. When an instrument is discovered, it is added to a list of available instruments. You can view the list of available instruments by clicking on the “Instruments” item as shown in the example below.


Most often, AfterMath is used to control only one instrument, so the Instrument List contains only one entry. But, in the example above, there are four different instruments being monitored (simultaneously) by the AfterMath software. Most of the instruments are idle, but one of them is in the middle of performing an experiment and actually has two additional experiments queued up for subsequent execution. Another one of the instruments is having a communications problem (perhaps the USB cable has been unplugged accidently). And finally, one of the instruments is a virtual instrument.

The Instrument List is useful when you are using more than one instrument at the same time. The list gives you a snapshot summary regarding the status of all of the instruments.

When you want more information about a specific instrument, you can double-click on the particular row of the Instrument List corresponding to that instrument. This brings up the detailed "Instrument Status" display for that particular instrument.