This AfterMath software module includes support for the performing the following popular electroanalytical techniques on WaveNow, WaveNano, and WaveNowXV potentiostats manufactured by Pine Research Instrumentation.

Potential Sweep Methods

Galvanostatic Methods

Cyclic Step (Charge/Discharge) Methods

  • Cyclic Step Chronoamperometry (CSCA), capable of charge/discharge under potentiostatic control
  • Cyclic Step Chronopotentiometry (CSCP), capable of charge/discharge under galvanostatic control

Passive Methods

Potential Pulse Methods

Stripping Voltammetry

Part Numbers

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This module is assigned the following Pine Part #: ASTPA01. It was given the following description: AfterMath General Electroanalytical Methods (WaveNow/WaveNano single instrument license).

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