This minimalist AfterMath software upgrade path for the AFCBP1 Bipotentiostat allows you to continue to perform the same electrochemical methods offered by our older PineChem software package using our improved AfterMath software package. This package is intended for those customers who want the advantages of instrument control, quality plotting and data management which are offered by AfterMath but who do not need any new electrochemical methods beyond those already available in their PineChem software.

This package includes the dual electrode and simple methods previously included in PineChem and listed below:

Dual Electrode Methods

  • Dual Electrode Bulk Electrolysis (DEBE), includes constant potential and constant current and mixed mode electrolysis
  • Dual Electrode Cyclic Voltammetry (DECV), includes collection, shielding, and window variations

Single Step Methods

Potential Sweep Methods

Part Numbers

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This module is assigned the following Pine Part #: ASCBU01. Its description is: Minimal PineChem to AfterMath Upgrade (AFCBP1 single instrument license) .

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