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Brief Description

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Detailed Description

Like most of the other electrochemical techniques offered by the AfterMath software, this experiment begins with an induction period. During the induction period, a set of initial conditions which you specify is applied to the electrochemical cell and the cell is allowed to equilibrate to these conditions.

Parameter Setup

each parameter should be in separate boxes

Basic Parameters Tab

You can click on the “I Feel Lucky” button (located at the top of the setup) to fill in all the parameters with typical default values (see Figure 1). You may want to change the Duration in the Electrolysis period box to a value which is appropriate for the electrochemical system being studied. You may also want to change the Number of intervals in the Sampling Control box.

Basic setup

Figure 1: Basic Setup for OCP.

Post Experiment Conditions Tab

After the Relaxation Period, the Post Experiment Conditions are applied to the cell. Typically, the cell is disconnected but you may also specify the conditions applied to the cell. Please see the separate discussion on post experiment conditions for more information.

Typical Results






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